Why Therapy?

If you're a young adult (or a "millennial"), chances are you've gotten a bad rap. Words like "entitled" and "lazy" often describe your generation. You have been over-stimulated most of your life, raised to believe you can do and be anything at all, and experienced your teens under the microscope of social media.

As someone in your twenties or thirties living in Los Angeles, there is never a shortage of things to do, or trends and Instagram accounts to follow. Yet, you feel a persistent emptiness as you run around and complete the tasks of daily life. 

Therapy can help you figure out who you are and how you are. It can help you identify how you would like to spend your time alive on Earth. It should help you to feel into your feelings rather than avoid them, so you can learn from them and grow. Once you develop a better working awareness of yourself, you will be empowered to experiment with choice and with change.


Let me help you feel and fill the void.